Saturday, March 2, 2013


Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired. This week I have coughed and coughed and hacked and blew what I had left of my brains out of my head.
Bronchial infection did nothing for my weight loss goals this week. I got cold induced asthma which limited my activity but I have to say with all of that I still managed to lose the pound I gained last week.
Thank God for small favors right? I will take the loss.
I am feeling better but still tired...My week at work was chaotic to say the least, between Xerox and our home business I had no down time and had a hard time getting the rest I needed.
I still managed to make it to work every day. Took an antibiotic  too so I wouldn't get anyone else sick. I did a horrible job at keeping track of what I ate this week. Can't believe as I start building better habits in  just 5 weeks, it only took a few days being sick to break me...well its only for this week...gonna work to get back on track as I build up my strength. Looking forward to the weather warming up.
Gonna get my bike all tweaked and make sure my dog leashes are all ready so I can add these small steps to my day. I want to dust the the dust off my HIP HOP ABS DVDS and get on my WII too...I gotta make this fun or I won't do it, wish I was in shape enough to play sports thats how I stayed in shape years ago....
My mind says yes, but my body says "are you crazy???"
Between Inhalers, meds and chaos I am spinning....but this too shall pass...The good thing about blogging weekly is it brings me back to where I began every week. It helps me look back at my week and reminds me why I am doing this. Even though snow is on the ground now I am getting my spring clothes out in preparation for spring...if it won't come on its own I am willing it here...LOL Stay warm and healthy my dear friends.
So today, which is Saturday I am staying in my jammies all morning and drinking my coffee and taking care of me! Now I am making dinner and spending time with my family. Nothing could be finer!