Friday, October 7, 2016

Kyle's 2016 Concussion-bruised ribs-bruised sternum

Turn up the volume and listen to this hard tackle my son took at the Madison Central Soccer Tourney. He ended up with a concussion and bruised ribs and sternum. The player only got a Yellow Card.
We now have Referees showing this in their training as how to better position yourself to see the foul. Whomever said Soccer wasn't a physical sport.....needs to look at this video. 
Kyle is recovering and this is his senior year. Hopefully he will be able to participate in the District matches coming up. Always protect yourself and always go in harder than the other guy. This just took Kyle Workman by surprise as he didn't expect this in a soccer game- #soccer#football #hitheardaroundtheworld #yellowcardonlyfail #concussion

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