Friday, February 8, 2013

WEEK 3- My Journey Continues

I dedicate my Weekly blog to the greatest Daddy in the world, James (Jimmy)F. Tillotson!
He always taught me to work hard for everything and that anything worth having is worth working for!! He also wanted me to lose this weight! I am just sorry I did not do it before God took him home! I will make you proud, Daddy, today is a hard day for me as it is my daddy's birthday...he is with God now and its still very hard to grasp that I can no longer call him or give him hugs! I miss you daddy:( the pain is still there and the tears still fall! I will lose this weight and will honor my daddy who told me I could do it when I was ready. I am ready!!!:) I know you are with me daddy and helping me keep the strength to fight this battle. I love you!

I have been told to become a morning exerciser. (I hate mornings)-But listen to what the experts say:
Morning exercise works. Let me repeat that: Exercising in the morning is one of the best ways to stick to a routine. Even with the best intentions, life gets in the way of your desire to squeeze in a workout. Anyone—even you—can wake up 15 minutes earlier to squeeze in a 15-minute workout (especially when you sleep in your workout clothes).

My journey continues and I have decided to blog weekly as a daily blog is beginning to stress me out and I gotta not be stressed cause when I am this happens:
My goals this week have been to drink more water and exercise more, I have at least Semi mastered the water. My trainer has invited me to his boot camp training next week at Fitness Plus II (Tuesday night at 630 pm). I have agreed to go,  but nervous as I can see myself over doing it to keep up with the barbie dolls!!LOL. 

But this way I know I will get at least some cardio in for the week. I have another friend who suggested I go with her to a boxing class....Now that sounds fun as I love hitting things to get my frustrations out..hahaha.
I also am planning to do the HIP HOP ABS Dvds I have as most of you know how I like to get jiggy wit it!!!:) Because  that makes me break a sweat and you don't even realize it until you can't breath...haha.
I also weighed in today and I lost another pound...I now am 274! 
Yay!!! Next week I am shooting for two pounds....I think adding in the exercise will help tremendously. Have a great weekend everyone....Check back next week to see how I did this coming week. Gonna kick butt and not look back!! Who's with me? Lets do this!!!

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