Friday, February 1, 2013

DAY 14-16: Hot and Cold

Like the weather lately, I have been hot and cold with my journey. When things get busy I get cold, when things are routine I am hotter than fire.

 My weigh in this morning was a loss of a .5 pound which is not bad but 275 was not the result I was hoping for.
I do however know where I failed: I did not exercise the 30 min a day I should have and did only a few of the sets of squats,pushups,rows and situps I was suppose to do.
We head to Fort Wayne IN this weekend for a soccer tournament for my daughter and I am trying to get my business stuff handled so I can leave town which makes me stressful and not as mindful of what I put in my mouth.
The doctor also told me after my sleep study two weeks ago that I have moderate to severe sleep apnea and that he is suggesting a c-pap for me to help me sleep better so I can awaken more restful.
I should have that started within a week or so. Then maybe my energy level will get better as well so I can stop making excuses for the lack of energy I feel to do that 30 min a day cardio.
Just like the photo I posted for this blog...You can cheat on your journey and expect to reach the end!!!:)
Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm!!!

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