Thursday, January 31, 2013

DAY 13: Stormy Day in the Bluegrass

As Pooh would say, "this is undoubtedly a very blustery day today!"
Warm in the beginning and windy and cold to end the day. Today was a very productive day. I Inc our business, spoke with our accountant, opened a business account at the bank, invoiced and billed out  January's business stuff, but the most important thing that I should have done I did not do.....

I also did not eat the five meals a day. I am so food and exercise challenged. When my life gets busy I just don't think there is another minute I can squeeze in for anything. I managed to go to bed at a decent hour last night. 11:30pm. However I am still having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. My alarm goes off at 630am but my body says no.
Got to work on getting rid of  those bad habits I have formed over the past 15 years.
Still working on my jug of water a day...LOL
I weigh in again on Friday morning. I am not too hopeful as this week has not been kind to me.

I have however managed to stay within my calorie amounts but have eaten more salty foods. We also ate out twice this week due to being out late working on job sites. Paris KY and the Restaurant Jerry's was soooooo good for my tummy but bad for my Goals...:( I did eat a salad and corn pudding..LOL
I gave in and had some yummy sweet tea. My first sweet tea in two weeks. It was GOOOOD!!
I will continue to allow myself sweet pleasures occasionally because I know if I don't I will not be successful on this long journey I am on.
Exercise will be my focus coming up as I have mastered the keeping track of my food and calorie intake. However I will also continue to keep adding more veggies and fruits to my meals as well and less carbs.
Hope you all are doing well on your own journeys!:)

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