Monday, January 28, 2013

DAY 10 & 11: The Weekend Cometh!

Been a busy weekend! Still only managed to eat 3 times out of the five I am suppose to be doing! I got a steroid shot in my heel yesterday(which was Friday) which has curbed my walking on treadmill! Apparently I have a heel spur and plantar fasciitis! Another nail in my coffin! However it's not stopping me! I have been doing great with the water! My son kyle has his jug next to mine and i am still winning lol! Still not up to a whole gallon a day but getting closer! My kids are being very supportive!
Writing down everything I am eating has also helped to curb putting things in my mouth, because sometimes I am just too lazy to record it on my Lose It app so I don't eat it..LOL
I like writing my food intake down because it helps me see what I have eaten and it typically correlates to how I am feeling.
My exercise this weekend has been work. No extra exercise so I feel like I have failed myself there but 12 hours of cleaning a filthy foreclosed home and cleaning all debris out really should count for some exercise...:)

THINGS TO IMPROVE ON TOMORROW:try to go to bed at a decent hour. and exercise more.
Drink even more water!:)


  1. i love the picture of the water jugs!! that's great progress!! keep going!!

  2. Thanks day at a time!!! One jug of water at a time...that personal trainer of mine-Trent Castleman- really knows his stuff...:)