Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DAY 12: Another Doctors Appt...

My doc appt this morning was for the diabetic counselor at our family practice. I got some good news today, that my A1C last week came back within normal range and I am back to the pre diabetic status....however that being said I am to still follow the rules for carbs and sugars and still take my blood once every morning. This change is what I needed as I have been working to get this under control. Watching the amount of food I am eating is all I have been doing. I have cut nothing out of my diet, just the quantities. 
The dietitian was very proud of me!:) She said this is still serious and that I have to be very careful as my blood sugars are prone now to be out of control. As long as I stay on the same course I am on now with my diet and exercise that I will continue to improve my type 2 status. 
So folks, I may not have lost the weight I wanted but I did cut down on my sugars like I should and it got my sugars under control. That is a HUGE victory. Another reason to believe that the number on the scale is not all a healthy life style is about!:)
Things to keep working on: Finding time to exercise, going to bed earlier and eating the five meals a day...:(

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