Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DAY 6: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am on my 6th day to better health. My last six days have been incredible. I saw what I was putting in my mouth, what good and bad habits I have had and now working towards making positive and permanent changes. I have had friends asking me if I am taking anything (drug wise) and the answer is a resounding NO!! The journey I am on is a journey anyone needing to lose weight and eat healthy again can be on. No drugs, no quick fixes. No short term loss. No yo yo diets, No diets period...simply eating better and burning off more calories than I am taking in. Anything in life worth having is worth working for! 
That means a 2 lb weight loss per week is optimal and due to my size hopefully will lose a little more when you add water weight etc....
I am simply eating better and getting more active. My goal is life long goal. I want to lose this weight and keep it off for good. If you take pills or do anything else quick fix wise it is guaranteed not to last. I want to use the foods that God intended me to eat and exercise the body he gave me.
 I journal my food intake, I write it down. I am using a FREE app(because I am cheap and do not have a lot of money, lol) on my I phone called LOSE IT...its great because my phone is always with me and I can also download the app to my computer where I can type faster and keep track at home. 
I can scan bar codes and it gives me the nutrition info without me recreating the wheel. My personal trainer has told me that it is a great tool to use for keeping track of what your drinking and eating and how much exercise you are doing.He also recommended the Calorie Counter app, it does similar to Lose It but I found Lose it to  be more user friendly...:) More like Margaret Friendly...LOL
Whatever you use, just use it daily and log everything you eat. That way you know where you can improve the next day. Also it helps because sometimes I want something but I am  too lazy to write it down so I skip it and don't eat it..LOL
My life is busy. I have no time for complicated things. If losing weight is complicated I won't do it. So I am making things as stress free and less complicated as I can. 
Right now the first steps are to learn how to eat again. Healthy food can be good. I consider it my mission to find those recipes and foods.
I have had a bit of a setback with the doc today. Found out I have a heel spur, no wonder my feet have been aching so bad...:( See Podiatrist on Friday. Gotta get my feet good so my exercise does not suffer. Not a good day for exercise for me. :( But even if I have to virtually run in my bed on my back I will do something LOL

 WOKE UP: 8:00 am

MEAL TIMES: 11:34 am, 330 pm, 10pm...(got to do better eating earlier in evening)

WATER:(suppose to drink a whole jug) drank half a jug...yay.

EXERCISE COMPLETED: NONE...I am sad about that...should have at least done the squats but so busy. I need to set a timer and take breaks and do mini workouts...that might work.

TOTAL CALORIES CONSUMED OUT OF 1793 CALORIE GOAL: 1576 was under 197 calories.

31 grams  PROTEINS
194 grams  CARBS
72  grams  FATS


HOW I FELT:my feet hurt:( however I am feeling a little more energy, maybe its the water maybe its the matter I will take it.

THINGS TO IMPROVE ON TOMORROW:exercise, spread my meals out more and make sure to eat five times....:) and Go to bed earlier.

WENT TO BED:12:30 am...

Good luck to all my friends on this journey with me!!:) And thanks to everyone for the wonderful support, it means more than you know.

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