Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DAY 5: MONDAY!!!! The Beginning of a New Week!!

Though storm clouds gather above and a faint light at the end of my tunnel I still say, Happy Monday everyone! Today is a clean slate. The weekend is in the past and we are moving forward down the long and winding road to good health.  Been a busy day with Workman Home Repairs, lots of appt scheduling with subcontractors and working on tax stuff as well. I also started my PT with Kort for my back from the car accident I had in December. Hopefully they can get me on track not to be in pain while I try to work out. 
My eating is still not great. Took me till 12:30pm to put something in my mouth and it was a bowl of corn puffs and a cup of milk...LOL but I ate something. My kids are home from school today and they asked me when I got back from PT if I had eaten anything and I said NO and they said "mommy you should have had your second meal by now..." they know my plan better than me...LOL 
I told them they were right and I will work harder to get my five meals a day in. 
I want to give a shout out to Trent Castleman (my personal trainer with Fitness Plus II) again as he is so good and knowing what makes me tick and what I need to hear for encouragement. Yet he also knows what to say to get my butt in gear. Its easy to quit early in the game for someone like me who has over 130 pounds to lose. 
I am blessed to have a trainer who doesn't feed my negativity but helps me look at the positive steps I am making. Thanks Trent!! I am still on track...my weigh in is on Friday so I will see if all the effort I am doing is paying off and I will see how much more effort I will need to continue putting into this.

WOKE UP: 8:30 am

MEAL TIMES: 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 8:30 pm

WATER DRANK:(suppose to do a whole jug) drank 5 cups. Only on my second jug of water, but that thing keeps looking at me everytime I open that fridge, so it won't be long till I am doing the jug a day my trainer is telling me I need to be doing..

EXERCISE COMPLETED: Went to PT for my back(from car accident) did workout with PT

TOTAL CALORIES CONSUMED OUT OF 1793 CALORIE GOAL: 1589-under 184 calories.

38 grams  PROTEINS
244 grams  CARBS
 54 grams  FATS


HOW I FELT: Had a little more energy today, still not drinking enough water or eating enough meals throughout day. sore from yesterdays workout.

THINGS TO IMPROVE ON TOMORROW:drink more water and do my cardio on treadmill....

WENT TO BED:1215 am


  1. Margret - great to see you taking this on and holding yourself accountable on here. Not too many people can do that! One suggestion, and I hope I am not overstepping any bounds here. I am a water freak. I drink water all day long. I have found that the ICE COLD variety works best and it helps you burn a few extra calories without doing anything. You body has to expend calories to warm the water up to your internal temperature. You get hydrated and burn calories at the same time! Its a win-win! :)

    We are rooting for your success over here at the Simpson household! Keep up the great work, pretty soon it will just be a part of your everyday routine and you won't even think twice about it!!

  2. Thanks my friend, you are never overstepping your bounds when you are encouraging and giving good sound advise based on your success. I welcome any and all advise. I hope my blog and my journey will help inspire others to either start their own or to at least know they are not alone. I agree that I love cold water better than room temp water. I can drink it faster! I am writing my name on a water jug(one gallon drinking water jug) and I put it in the fridge and pour it for all my meals. My problem is haven't been able to drink a whole gallon in a day yet...LOL My trainer said drink one gallon a day. It took me 4 days to drink the first..LOL I will get better.
    Thanks again for the support and tell your beautiful wife I said hello and keep posting about those awesome kids you guys have..they are beautiful and talented. Just growing up too fast..LOL