Friday, January 25, 2013


My day has been very busy as usual...however my exercise is what is suffering. I do not find the time to exercise like I should. I have been drinking more water, eating within my calorie goal, and sporadically doing the exercises my trainer gave me.
When I am about to do it, I get a phone call or my husband calls for me to help him with an errand. Or the kids need me to do something for them. I am not good at taking care of ME!
My life has become an on call job for everyone but my self. I am 42 years old and I am not 100% sure how to change that about myself.
God called me to be a fixer of problems for my family and friends, a ear to listen, a shoulder to be cried on, and wisdom to bestow beyond my years. However, I am finding the taking care of me part of things to be non existent. Gotta find myself again, where I am important too.
For instance, last year my kids and hubby, when I got home from work had made a bath in our Jacuzzi tub complete with bubbles and glass of bubbly to help me was such a surprise that all I could say was, "thanks guys and I have so much stuff to do",,,they made me get in to the bath and once I did...It felt great, however I did not fully enjoy it because I felt guilty giving my self time when I had so much other stuff to be doing. That moment was defining for me and as I look back at it, I realized that is one part of my life I have got to  get better at. Thinking about me!
I know I am not the only mom or woman out there that feels this way, but I know this is sabotaging my weight loss goal.
I fear my weigh in tomorrow is gonna be less than I expected due to my inability to find time to work out.
I also have found out that I am an emotional eater. When finances knock at our door and when my kids and my schedules get really chaotic as they often do, I turn to carbs and oreos..LOL This journey is going to be even harder than I thought! I am still moving forward, one day at a time! Keep me in your prayers everyone. Thinking about me is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. But I know in order to be successful in this journey that's what I have to do!

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