Monday, January 21, 2013

DAY 4: Sunday-the Day after my first backslide:(

Can you believe it only took two days into my journey to backslide...?? LOL
But in all seriousness that is normal for most people as habits are hard to break.
I know I am not alone in my journey, there are many of us working to climb that hill and succeed at getting healthy again.
I am a work in progress and I am documenting my journey to see where my journey has had its failures and where it has succeeded so that I can maybe help others who face similar journeys.
We are all in this world together and we live the same lives we are just in different chapters. If I can help motivate just one person to get their health back on track or to look at me and say, "I don't want to be like that." Then my journaling and tracking has been a success.
Of course this journey is all about one else. My failures, my successes, my feelings. No one else can do this journey for me. I have to do it for my self.
I am 42 and fighting gravity, odds and the stress of everyday life from living with my spouse and kids...being a soccer mom, a team manager, a full time worker, a Owner of my own business and tracking day to day finances. The one thing my whole life I have always done is FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME!
I was always last! Now look at me...this is what happens when you put yourself last.
I have everything I need, but I am missing one important thing..can you guess?? Let me spell it out.
First the things I have that I need and I am thankful for:
      1. a wonderful husband (Scott) who loves me and adores me and finds me beautiful even when I don't
          find my self beautiful. I am so blessed that he loves me for who I am! For that I am thankful.
      2.  a daughter who loves me and appreciates me.
      3.  a son who adores me and appreciates me and loves me.
      4.  a God who loves me no matter what size I am and who gives me strength to get up each day to fight   this battle.
Second, out of all this, the one thing I would change and the one thing I am missing is:
             MY HEALTH!!! I never would have guessed I would be 42 with a thyroid issue and type 2 diabetic. My feet hurt, my knees ache and my back hurts. 42 is not OLD people...LOL Just ask all the 40 something people out there in the world or even the late 30's....when we are in shape our lives are better, we feel better and we can do things that we once loved to do, like playing competitive sports and riding rides at the theme parks and going hiking with the family. Things normal weight people take for granted, things I took for granted when I was healthy(many moons ago)  So much I want to do again and the only thing standing in my way: Myself and this weight I carry! So I am going to keep on with this journey and I know I will succeed because FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!


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